Habby Jak

Habby Jak


Habby Jak our take on what happens when you combine a butter-foward, aged cheese base with fresh, locally grown peppers. We blend fresh habanero and jalapeno with sweet red carmen peppers and a dash of rosemary to offer a bright and fruity cheese you can't stop snacking on. In theory we would wait until Nacho night to eat Habby Jak but more often than not it's just sliced and added to our sandwiches until it's gone. Cubed sliced or melted, Habby Jak quickly became a crowd favorite for it's fruit-forward pepper flavors, mild heat, and buttery backbone. 


Color + Appearance: White to off-white, peppered with red, orange, and green

Body + Texture: Semi firm

Flavor + Aroma: Fruity, tangy, buttery 

Dairy Comparison: Pepperjack

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