Nutter is our response to the widely loved and highly regarded Kerrygold, a European-style* butter. Highly aromatic with deep umami, our cashew and coconut based Nutter goes beyond. Spread it on toast. Bake it in brownies. Brown in the skillet with sage and fry up some gnocchi. Whip it. Eat it with a spoon. The world is your oyster and Nutter is your pearl. 


European style means that the fat content is above 84% and the cream or butter are cultured. The higher fat content promotes flaking and flavor in baked goods while the culturing process provides flavor and preservative qualities.   



Color + Appearance: White to off-white

Body + Texture: Semi firm, creamy

Flavor + Aroma: Buttery, lactic, mildly sweet 

Dairy Comparison: tap dancing between mozzarella and young havarti

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